The Best Vert Shock Review

Are you a sportsperson and want to excel in your sports? If yes, then you should have the necessary skills required for the particular sport you are involved in. If you want to achieve, even more, then the Vert Shock System is going be of great assistance to you. Designed by Adam Folker, Vert Shock System is a program to help players improve their vertical jump.

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Have you tried a basketball program and are not happy with j65h4gfthe results? Then the Vert Shock program is going to help you a great deal with your jump as it focuses on fast twitch muscle training. The Vert Shock has three important phases.

Pre-Shock Phase

So as to prepare your body well for the program, the pre-shock phase takes basically 7 days. By the end of the training, your jump will have improved up to 3 to 5 inches and will have learned the importance of muscle fiber for a successful training.

Shock Phase

Taking up to 6 weeks of the training program, this is the most intense phase. It is comprised of a mixture of plyometric and strength training exercises. These are done 4 times a week, and each session lasts up to an hour. The essence of this training is to help you use the nervous system draw energy from the muscles without actually draining your energy reserves.

Post Shock Phase

This is the last phase of the training program which helps you use your muscles as per your needs. This is to improve your performance and be able to achieve the high jump constantly. By the end of the program, you will be able to apply the strength and conditioning exercises to achieve that high jump you desire so much.

This training focuses more on the muscle fibers and how to use them to your advantage and be able to achieve the high jump you so much need for your performance. The two types of muscle fibers that are utilized in this training are Slow jolt muscle fibers and fast jolt muscle fibers.

jh544g3Slow Jolt Muscle Fibers

These are the small fibers that control the running movements. They are capable of working efficiently to produce movement even without additional energy. They are mostly utilized by long distance runners to improve their running ability.

Fast Jolt Muscle Fibers

These muscles are responsible for the production of larger movements through the production of additional energy. They will help you jump up to 40 inches. Even though this requires lots of energy and you easily get fatigued, it is all worth in the end.…